Monthly Archives: April 2007


>I just got a phone call from my sister. She had some exciting news for me. She had just finished an interview with a guy that would be starting for us next week. Who is the guy? None other than Barry’s father-in-law. When I was told this I was so excited. Not sure who Barry is, read the post titled “Barry”. I have so badly wanted to get back in touch with him, now there’s no reason I can’t. How exciting how this worked out!

>The little things

>This week I’ve been able to enjoy a couple of little things, I had not in a long time. I was fitted for contacts and have been able to wear sunglasses for the first time in 2 years, albeit a simple thing, it really helped me to feel a bit normal again. On top ofContinue Reading

>Hard case to crack

>Just got back from my neurologist appointment downtown. She did the usual tests (strength, visual, coordination) and went over my previous test results. Still things seem to be inconclusive. She told of Dr. Hope calling her and trying to find out what kind of health answers she came up with. And to date there is noContinue Reading

>1 Year

>1year ago today I came home from my last stop on my whirlwind tour of nursing homes and hospitals. It’s crazy to think it’s already been a year. At the same time I think, wow, that’s all it’s been, a year? I’ll tell you this much it’s good to be home. It’s also a yearContinue Reading