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>Sister’s Synopsis

>Night and Day

Approximately 8 weeks ago I took Randy to see a chiropractor in town.  He started physical therapy immediately with his attempts at the exercises being futile. Considerable assistance from the therapists was needed, he became winded almost immediately, had spasms in his legs, struggled with his “thinking” on getting his brain to tell his legs what needed to be done and had some Chris Farley like mental melt-downs when his body would not cooperate. Bringing him back to work, he had to go to bed for a couple hours just to regain some energy for the drive home. (I think after that initial session the doctors may have lowered their expectations for his improvement as well!) After a few appointments I started dropping him off and waited for the call to pick him up when therapy was finished.

Today was his 8 week re-evaluation/progress report. I decided to hang out and watch; ask the doctors some questions; and scream in Randy’s ear if the need arose. Well, the need did not arise and most of the time I sat speechless watching as he worked at his exercises with little to no assistance from his trainer! Even his little “head-case melt-down” he recovered from quicker than I’ve ever seen! As I watched I saw the strength and control he has achieved in his legs and core; there were no spasms in his legs; and he did not become exhausted or extremely fatigued as was in the beginning.

Sometimes being the person with the condition and struggling everyday to do the most minor of things, one may not notice the improvements or not realize the magnitude. Well, today I exclaimed to Randy to be proud and excited of him improvements—it’s like Night and Day!


>It’s Monday morning and boy am I tired. This weekend Emily and I loaded up the car for a trip to Iowa. I know, why Iowa? It was her sister’s graduation from Drake University. This was my first trip in almost 2 years. I love to travel and this for sure gave me the travelingContinue Reading

>Just show up

>I now go to physical therapy twice a week and yesterday was my second time for the week. A day or two a week I have a rough time physically, vision is blurry and hands and legs are extremely numb and stiff. Lately I’ve been lucky enough not to have my bad days on therapyContinue Reading