Monthly Archives: August 2007

>The latest

>Yesterday I had my follow-up appointment with my neurologist. We were going over the results from the spinal tap. This was the last test in a long line of tests. The results showed nothing new, but shed a little more light on the fact that I am dealing with MS. I know over the past few years of keeping everyone updated on my health I’ve stated that it wasn’t MS. Actually, there were always conflicting reports. Lyme disease was for sure part of what I’ve been battling. We always knew there had to be something else, but weren’t quite sure what it was. I still think MS is a generic diagnosis, but it’s a diagnosis none the les. And after exhausting all test avenues we’ll just rest and let it be called MS. to be really honest I don’tt care what it is, I am going to beat it. Here is my plan of attack: I think I might start taking an MS medication, which is supposed to stop the progression of the disease. While doing that I’ll continue with the Chinese herbs, which will focus bringing my body back to where it once was physically. And of course continue with my physical therapy. I would like to know if anyone reading this blog has had first-hand knowledge of any MS medications or knows someone that has. Now that’s my plan, but I know God always has a better plan. So most importantly the prayers need to keep coming and my faith needs to grow.

>Tap that……

> I can’t believe how time flies. It’s almost been 3 weeks since my last post. Just a week and a half ago I was in my neurologists office for the dreaded spinal tap. I had one 4 years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. Numbing my back with numerous shots was notContinue Reading

>Small Goals Met

>I looked back at my posts and realized that the last time I walked was in February. I had taken 151 steps, but right at the end I tweaked my back pretty bad. Since then I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and working on getting my back fixed and get it stronger for when I doContinue Reading