Monthly Archives: September 2007

>It’s official

>This is the dayI never wanted to happen. I faxed over my consent form to start an MS medication. The goal of this medication is to stop the disease from progressing. I realized I had to do something. For all the good I have done and progress I’ve made it’s just been a struggle to keep up with the disease. If this drug does what it is supposed to do, I can stop fighting to stay above water. Instead the progress I make now will be just that, progress. On top of this move in my life I’m going back to therapy tomorrow. I’ve only been able to do so much at home or at work, so now I’ll be going to a facility that specializes in this and can help me take that next step in my progress.

>40 Steps

>For the past week or two walking has been tough, I’ll even say discouraging. But in typical Beal fashion I kept my head up and kept pushing and speaking truth. That I will walk again no matter what obstacle is in my way. Today even though I haven’t felt the greatest I kept on pushing,Continue Reading