Monthly Archives: November 2007

>The day after

>I don’t know how I do it, but yesterday was another later night for me, I’m usually fast asleep by 9 every night (we get up at 4 every morning). We got home after 11 and asleep by midnight. Our day started at Emily’s parents for a delicious meal prepared by her father, who I swear puts Martha Stewart to sgame, not just his food but the whole presentation. I try to watch what I eat usually, yesterday I watched it go onto my fork and into my mouth. We finished our time there with some good conversation and even better desserts, thanks for the ‘lemon lush’ recipe Ginger. We then were on the road to my sisters for some more conversatio. Ok, let’s be real, more food and then some conversation second. I snacked on a few different items then were at Em’s parents-calamari and shrimp and then some more dessert. My sister had some of her wonderful Shortycake cookies to nibble on. After some time we headed home for our night of rest. Tonight we’ll be heading down the street for the annual Christmas parade and then our dinner at Barolo’s a gem of a restaurant in Joliet.


>It definitely was a late nught, but well worth it. Seeing old faces was cool. Some people changed and others not so much. I recognized sme right away and others still not so sure. Even still it was a good time. I was afraid my wheelchair might be an uncomfortable thing. Not in the leastContinue Reading

>10 Years

>You are as old as you feel. Although I do agree with that statement, I feel age is creeping up on me. Tonight is my 10 year high school reunion. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already. Maybe making that statement is a bit of denial. Thinking about all that has happened since highContinue Reading

>That little girl

> I just got home from therapy about an hour ago. What a workout today! We did not do any standing, but worked mainly on my trunk. To be able to stand and then walk again it takes a lot of muscles. When healthy and walking you never think of it but there is aContinue Reading