Monthly Archives: January 2008

>Open book

>Since I’ve been pretty much an open book over the last couple of years I figure why stop now. I’m not sure if it was bad pizza or what??? This morming I woke up with this strong sense of failure. Since discontuing the Chinese herbs months ago my whole diet changed for the worst. I tried eating healthy, but it seems the harder I tried the hader I fell. This morning just slapped me in the face. I’m not only hurting myself, but Emily in the process. The longer I allow ‘crap’ foood into my body, the longer I stay in the chair, thus putting more work on Emily. Plus, I’m not being supportive of her desire/need to get healthier. Those are my two cents this morning.

>What’s up?

>What’s up with me? This has been a funky start to the year so far. I’m really hoping after this weekend life will get back to normal or some semblance of normalcy. My sister’s wedding is this weekend and that should be it for out of the norm living for a while. Don’t get meContinue Reading

>My return

>During the holiday season Emily being a teacher had a couple weeks off. Today is her return to work. I decided I’d take a sabbatical myself. I let myself sleep in, not getting up at the customary 4 am hour, but nearly 10 am most days. Take time away from the computer, I would checkContinue Reading