Monthly Archives: February 2008

>Slow & Shaky

>I feel like such a bum. I haven’t posted all month. I’m not really sure why I’ve let myself slip into a lazy mode this year. It’s been this way in all areas of my life. I’ve been a slacker in some areas of therapy too. Yes, I’ve been working out, but not like I know I need to. The past few days I’ve changed that and have been waking up with purpose and working out harder, with determination. That’s been the SLOW part. Neurologically I’ve been regressing more over the past few months. My head has become shaky and my right arm too. It used to be just my left arm that was shaky. Then moved to my left arm and eyes. Now it’sboth arms, eyes, and my head. It’s been difficult, but in every other obstacle thrown my way I just figure out how to navigate around the challenge and keep going. Now that’s the SHAKY part.

Friday I had an appointment with my neurologist and she definitely noticed a regression. I’ll be back there in six weeks to check me out again and gather a game plan on going forward. One thing I haven’t shared before was about my aqua therapy. Each time I get into the 90 degree plus water my body feels better when I get out of the pool. Now this shouldn’t be the case with MS. Hot settings such as that should wipe me out. I shared this information with my doctor and she didn’t want to believe me. So, we’re back on the case to find the answer. I’ve never believed MS as the correct diagnosis and even more so now. On top of the pool stuff I’ve been taking medication for MS and I’ve gotten worse. Oh well, just aother day in my crazy life.