Monthly Archives: March 2008

>Doctor’s faith

>Yesterday was my appointment with Dr. A, my ID doctor. It had been nearly 4 months since my last appointment with him. As with all appoitments any more I go win with no expectations. This time I brought hope in my pocket though. Hope that we could look into treating me for something. As I’ve shared recently things have gone downhill for me somewhat. So, in sharing what has been happening with Dr. A he did tell me he definitely could tell I’ve regressed in some areas. He decided to try me on an oral form of the IV medication I was on for most of 2006. He said he’s not giving up on me. This is the doctor that tells me most every time I see him he can’t wait to have me walk into his office. I say if a doctor who has only known me for a couple of years has the faith I’ll walk again, why should I ever doubt that. Thank you God for putting Dr. A on my path during this part of the journey.

>Good word

>This morning I woke up feeling better physically than I have in awwhile. Even mentally I felt better prepared for th e day. The question I posed yesterday finally wasn’t on my mind. I woke up knowing I would walk again. What a great feeling to wake up confident as opposed to curious. At leastContinue Reading

>Will I walk again?

> This is a question I’ve been asked many times. But I think what gets me most is when I ask myself that very question. It’s been on my mind a lot lately. My standard answer to others is “for sure, it’s just a long process, but I will walk agin”. I wrestle with thisContinue Reading

>Don’t sweat

>Learning to not swaet the small stuff is a tough process. I’ve always been a worrier, someone that stressed over the smallest of things. Over the last few months I’ve gotten better just relaxing and not stressing so much. But in the past few weeks I’ve allowed myself to succumb to my old nature andContinue Reading