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>This made me cry

>My good friend Carmen forwarded this letter to me this morning from one of her friends. As I was reading my eyes filled with tears. Nothing tears my heart more than kids having struggles and challenges so early in life. Please read the letter here and pray for him and the family. Kids having challenges thrust on them so young just tears me up. It makes my challenges seem so insignificant. I’ve had the joys of playing sports, driving a car, traveling without hindrance of a chair. I think about this topic everyday I’m at therapy when I see kids as young as three struggling to walk, have trunk control, or even hold a pen. Let’s not only pray for the young boy and his family in this letter let’s keep all the young kids with challemges and their families in prayer. If you have a story to share with a challenge in life that we can keep in prayer pass it along.

>2 Docs & a Shake


>Turning the page

>I like to look back on my life from time to time and assess where I am. I love where I am now. I have an amazing partner by my side in Emily, good family, and a few close friends. I’m not sure how much I’ve dwelled on the past. I am thankful for theContinue Reading