Monthly Archives: August 2008

>Blah, Blah

>I figured with Emily going back to work after the summer break would be just what I needed. So far I’d say I was wrong. I am trying to get into a routine, to no avail at this point. Feeling as dry as I do I tried reading a book to get me jumpstarted, but only got a couple of chapters in before setting it down. Now I’ve been working with Photoshop and learning the intricacies of that hoping that will get my brain going again. I’m just taking the philosophy of writing what I know. I have scheduled a couple of White Sox games next month with my good friend and groomsman Garret. Maybe getting out of the house will be just what I need? Either way it can’t be bad. Especially if the White Sox make the playoffs. On that note I’m out for now, I’ll let you know what helped get me out of this blah state.

>Bible Study

>Here in a few weeks I’ll be going to a Bible study with Emily’s mother every Wednesday night for a couple of months. I don’t usually get out of the house without Emily, but we both enjoy the times I can do so. Years ago I used to be heavily involved in church and wasContinue Reading

>It is what it is

> Thursday the 14th Emily goes back to work and we can get back into a normal routine. I hadn’t planned on taking off this long from blogging but I guess I needed it. I figured with her going back it was time for me to get back too. This summer has been great! I’veContinue Reading