Monthly Archives: September 2008

>Three years

>Emily and I have been to gather three years today. We’ve been through so much during this time. Some crazy, some sad, some happy. I’m glad I’ve gone through it with her by my side. I love her so much. I look towards our wedding day and can do nothing but smile. I love you with all the pieces of my heart!

>This is me

>I’m different than the person I used to be. When I’m alone I don’t feel any different, but I know I am. I don’t see too good, my hearing is not that great, and my speech is slow. I haven’t found my comfort level with being around others yet. I thought I had. Last nightContinue Reading

>Last night’s Bible study

>New situations always stress me out a little bit. Being uncertain of my surroundings, and how people will be around me. Looking back I know it’s stupid to feel that way, I guess I must not be fully comfortable with myself yet. I’ve grown more comfortable with where I am and am almost there, but.Continue Reading

>Where was Noah?

>We looked, but couldn’t find him. On Saturday I had a ticket to the Sox game and with Friday’s washout was ready to go see a doubleheader. I think God had other plans as both games were rained out. We’ll just have to use our tickets on another game now. With Sunday came the clearingContinue Reading

>Conquer Chiari

>Not sure what Chiari is, go here to learn more. A friend of mine has been battling this for some time now. It kills me to hear about her struggles. So I’m going to do my part by keeping her in my prayers and help shed light on this disease. Conquer chiari is not onlyContinue Reading

>Making Strides

>An old high school friend of mine participates in the American Cancer society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Her mother has been cancer free for eight years now, and she walks in honor of her. I’ve seen the negative affects of cancer, that’s what my father died from 6 years ago. Also, my mom andContinue Reading

>September 2, 1941

> My dad would have been 67 years old today. He passed away on June 17, 2002. My family and I will never forget that date. But today I always look back fondly over the time I had with him. He taught me so much: how to be a man, always forgive, how to loveContinue Reading