Monthly Archives: October 2008

>Judge Beans

>Last night Emily punched in the address to Judge Beans in her GPS and was on her way. After driving the two miles there was no Judge Beans. In fact there wasn't even a building in sight. She actually felt a little uneasy in the area she was. She decided we were going to have to go a different route for dinner. She decided to keep it easy and just get McDonald's. So in a matter of minutes we went from some good BBQ to fast food. Yum! Today for lunch we made it to a famous BBQ joint, Jacks BBQ. You know its good when the meat doesn't need sauce and the brisket didn't. Being as it was a beautiful day we drove over to an outside outlet mall and spent some time there.
All in all its been a nice relaxing day.

>Here in Nashville

>We made it down here. The trip wasn't too bad. There was a little rain in Indiana and Kentucky, but that was it. We finally got in our room as there was a mix up with our room not being wheelchair accessible. They quickly rectified the problem and got us into a nice wheelchair friendlyContinue Reading

>Father in law

>Wednesday my FIL had a mild heart attack. I was in shock when I heard the news. My mother in law called with the news and was quick to let me know he was doing fine. Emily was in class Monday night that's why I found out first. Plus as Emily likes to point outContinue Reading

>I’m mobile!

>I know I'm home most of the time and don't need this option. That's just it I'm home all the time and got bored. Thus I'm a mobile blogger. Plus we've gone on two trips this year and will be in Nashville next weekend and this makes it easier to blog on the go.

>My kind of town

>Emily and I went out for dinner on Tuesday with a couple of her friends, also bridesmaids. Her friend Becky was in town from California. Being as I have never met her this was the perfect opportunity. Emily hates parking in the city, which most people do. On top of that having to deal withContinue Reading

>Down to one year

>Today, 10/10/08, is one year from our wedding date. I know it seems far away, but everyone tells us it’ll fly by. During the summer months Emily and I really worked hard to get all of our plans done. We just have a few items to take care of before the big day. When thisContinue Reading

>Weekend wrap

> What an enjoyable weekend! I guess it started on Thursday with Emily and I going to our wedding photographer to approve our engagement proofs. We were really impressed with how good we looked! 🙂 Saturday, we went out to Schaumburg for a dinner with our good friends Carmen and Bob. Carmen just had herContinue Reading

>You can put it on the board

>Last night the White Sox finished battling through three win or go home games. It was definitely stress filled, but worth it in the end. With the ‘blackout’ in the crowd, John Danks was lights out. Jim Thome crushed a mammoth home run which ended up being the difference in the game. I don’t knowContinue Reading