Monthly Archives: November 2008


>Today is always a good day to take an inventory of our lives and realize what we’re thankful for. There are so many people to thank: Emily, her parents Steven and Nancy, my sister Kim and her husband Joe, my mom, good friends Bob and Carmen, my two beautiful nieces Grace and Bianca. Those are just a few I’ll name offhand. They all have helped me on good days and bad and have cared for me just for being me. I wouldn’t be where I am and be who I am without them. So, to all of you guys I say thanks! There are many others that have been great influences in my life. From the guy that helped me in the parking garage the other day to the person that leaves a comment on my blog or facebook. There is no way I could name every one by name, but to you I say thanks! I hope every one that reads this will stop and take a minute to thank those that you are thankful for. Enjoy those that you are with today and let yourself not worry about calories.

>What a Friday

>I woke up today not feeling well. Not really sure why, but I was extremely stiff to boot. I figured I'd eventually feel better. I just decided to relax and watch TV. Shortly after my body started to freak out and I slid back in the chair involuntarily. I was stuck there in pain forContinue Reading


>This past Sunday was Matt McGraw’s memorial. I went with a heavy heart and a pit in my stomach. Matt’s mom just fell in my lap and cried once I got up to her. She said how she wishes he would have gone to the wedding. He was going to meet us at Adrian’s weddingContinue Reading

>Remembering Matt

> I received the news Monday morning. My good friend Matt Mc Graw had been found dead in his apartment in Los Angeles. I still can’t believe he’s gone! I hope blogging about his life and our friendship helps ease the pain just a little bit. Matt and I became friends a while back. I’mContinue Reading