Monthly Archives: January 2009

>Change is here

>Today our nation will inaugurate a new president. Everywhere you turn there is excitment. There are many reasons for this excitement. Change is the biggest reason. Barack has risen above many liness. Be it racial, party, economic, age. More than half the nation that voted rallied behind him to elevate him to the highest office in America. Whether you voted for him or not he is our president. I, just like every American is waiting to see what he will accomplish. It would be na├»ve to think things will change over night. So let’s give him some time and see what happens. Good luck and Godspeed President Obama.

>Yoda’s right

>With the new year comes renewed optimism. Every year resolutions are made and usually broken within days. Why do we do this to ourselves? We even talk about our previous years resolutions that we never obtained. Yet we continuously let ourselves muddle in this futile activity. This year I say we heed the words fromContinue Reading