Monthly Archives: March 2009


>Yesterday I watched Montel Williams on the Oprah Winfrey show. Montel talked about his disease of MS, very candidly I must add. He talked about his acceptance and daily battles with thist moved me very much. I felt a kindred spirit with him. A lot of the challenges he faces or has faaced I’ve been there. I felt that watching his story was just what I needed. I’ve never fully embraced my diagnosis. So here I am today ready to make this declaration. I have multiple sclerosis. I just needed to saythat. I’ve done my due diligence in making sure that’s what I have. So today I will no longer allow myself to not fully accept this and think there has to be something else.

>Crazy times

>If you live under a rock you’re not aware of the crazy times we are living in. For the rest of us how bout it? Our economy is in disarray, people are losing jobs and their homes every day. If you are not in that sect, you may know someone that is. Perhaps you’re afraidContinue Reading