Monthly Archives: April 2009

>My kind of town

>Saturday Emily and I went to Chicago. We rolled down to the train station. The train had a wheelchair lift to get me on and an area to roll to and get locked down for the hour plus trip. Once down there we met up with Bob and called for a cab. It was a nice deal. I rolled up the ramp and got locked down for the ride to Millennium Park. It was Emilys first time and my second. Gotta love the bean! Then onto dinner across the street. Elk and rabbit sausage were the interesting parts to dinner. We finished things off with some delicious deserts. After dinner we rolled down the street to enjoy the weather and sights. To end things we missed the 9 o'clock train and ended up waiting for the 11 run. That was fine as Bob waited with us so we got to talk and laugh some more. I can't wait to go down again.

>Wheelchair Traveling

>This weekend will mark a first for me. It’s my good friend and Best Man Bob’s birthday. He lives downtown Chicago and this year I’m going to him. We always do dinner for our birthdays. The last number of years we’ve stayed closer to Joliet. And lately I’ve been months late, but this year it’llContinue Reading


> This past week, I heard about a lady that blogged while battling postpartum depression. It not only helped her, but others that would read her site. So I figure why not start doing that myself. If nothing else, it will help me to talk about the ups and downs I have with multiple sclerosis.Continue Reading

>Good quote

>The other day I heard a quote that is good for the times we are living in. "Look at what you have, not what you had.". There's nothing you can do about what you lost because of the economy. Just keep looking forward. It's true about anything you no longer have. Such as the abilityContinue Reading