Monthly Archives: May 2009

>Feeling good

>Waking up today I felt great! My body was relaxed and limber. Lately I’ve been feeling good more often than not. Emily has been working out three to five days a week and she has definitely motivated me. I’ve pushed myself to do the same. Not only working out, but eating way better too. We’re not doing this for the wedding, but for our future. That’s what I’m most proud of. We’re not doing it for a one time event. Don’t get me wrong it’s going to be nice losing weight for the wedding too! 🙂 I just really had to jot this down after the best work out I’ve had in years. Also, feeling this good makes having MS bearable.


>For the past couple of weeks I wheel to my desk and do what ever I need to for that day. It might be just reading stuff online, watch TV, take care of wedding stuff. I’ve been looking into an electric wheelchair. I’m not sure the money is worth it yet. I’m also getting scheduledContinue Reading