Monthly Archives: June 2009


>I’m sitting here ussing my voice activated typing program to type this post. That’s not out of the ordinary as I’ve used this program for quite some time due to the limited use I have with my hands. I’ve gotten used to that. Not to lead you to believe I’m fine with that or that it doesn’t frustrate me. Because it does, it frustrates the hell out of me! But for some time now I’ve been dealing with my failing eyesight. At times it’s not horrible, but like right now everything’s blurry and my face is just inches away from the monitor to read what I’m writing. I guess this post today is just letting my frustration out. So, today my symptoms suck. Oh well, that’s enough of a pity party.


>Today I had a follow up appointment with my neurologist. I had my yearly MRI last week and got the results today. The images of my brain have not changed. In fact they have not changed in the past 3 years. Other than that it was just the usual. Checking my strength, sensation, vision. EverythingContinue Reading

>Something of value

>I woke up today wishing I had something of value to say. It seems like lately I struggle for anything to put on my blog. When I got sick back in 2006, I felt like I had something to say. As I am speaking this into my Dragon Speak program the thought of this beingContinue Reading

>Tweet me

>I don’t know why, but I’ve given in to yet another internet craze. I’m on myspace, facebook, and now twitter. I guess I chalk it up to being home all day being on the computer for a lot of that. Twitter is kind of a neat way to follow someone and see what’s happening upContinue Reading