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>Emily and I have a couple of highschool kids on our dloor, one she taught in class last year. They’ve come down last year under the guise of asking questions about homework she had given. Now they come down when no one is home to let them into their apartment. I think they just like coming down to talk. The other day the one guy made mention of a situation he’s looking into. At the time he said it to us in passing. There was not an in to really talk to him about this. I had hoped to be able to listen and voice my thoughts on the situation. Sure enough on Frida they stopped over. Emily was gone at her summer pool job. So I had a great opportunity to open dialogue with him on the topic. We talked for maybe an hour. A lot of listening on my end. It felt good to be there for a young person. I really felt useful again.


>Since Emily went back to work, so have I. It’s like I found motivation somewhere. I’ve been working on a project I basically took the summer off from. Also, I’ve been dealing with some insurance issues that I’m hoping to have a resolution to soon. On top of that I’m tying up wedding plans. AllContinue Reading

>Summer break is over

>Emily is back at school full-time this week. I guess that puts an end to my little hiatus. Last year we had a few out of state trips and this year we had none. We’re just waiting for the wedding this year. 52 days to go. I’m so blessed to be marrying Emily. I can’tContinue Reading