Monthly Archives: February 2010

>Bowling, Twitter, and a Van

>Man it’s been a bit busier for me again. It seems like things just went to a screeching halt after all the wedding preparations. Last weekend I went bowling for the first time in the wheelchair. It was a work thing for Emily. We bowled three games. Though it was fun Emily and I realized we are not good bowlers. We do pretty good on Wii bowling though. Now on to Twitter. I’ve decided that I’m done with attempting to be a tweeter. It’s just too much. A van is now on the horizon for us. We decided to take the leap into a wheelchair accessible ride. This will help in getting me out of the house more often. We are buying a van from my cousins dealership in chicago and then getting it modified through Mobility Works. Once they get the van it’ll take 4-6 weeks. So that’s what’s been going on lately.