Monthly Archives: April 2010


>Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr. A. I haven’t been there for an appoitment in nine months. Going to his office is like seeing family. Seeing him is like talking with an uncle. We mainly just caught up about what’s going on in life. When we did talk about my health he said how much better I looked in my trunk. That was good to hear and true. Riding in the van works my trunk. So it’s been good for more than getting mobile more often. After the appointment we went out for lunch. As I was eating, my head was shacky and w1eak. I thought for a minute are people looking at me? As I thought that I quickly thought, good. Let ’em look. I didn’t care. I usuallys care, but yesterday I idn’t. Finally when getting home I got up to my apartment door and was really feeling weak. I knew it would take me a while to unlock the door and get inside. There was a lady that was leaving our neighbors apartment. I didn’t hesitate to ask her to unlock my door. She graciously did so. So I felt growth today in my dealig with my disability. What a great day!