Monthly Archives: September 2010

>Why my silence?

>I know I’ve been kind of silent on my blog lately.  One post a month, geez!  There are a couple reasons for this.  One being the difficulty I have typing.  My voice to text program sucks!  Two being my project:  writing a book.  It’s been a long time coming.  I used to mention it in posts from time to time, but haven’t in awhile.  The old adage “Don’t talk about it, Be about it”. has been my motto.   My good friend Bob has been working with me on this from the start.  We have found a good rhythm over the past couple of months.  To never have written a book, to now writing one has been an interesting  journey in itself.   I’ll keep you posted when we are done writing, the publishing progress, and when it’s ready for purchase.  I’m hoping for next summer, but we’ll see.  I’ve learned in life to have a plan, but definitely be flexible.  Life is a fluid situation, go with the flow.