Monthly Archives: March 2011

>Dragon & Child Rearing

>This is my first blog written totally with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I definitely have had to make corrections already, but I feel armed with the knowledge necessary to handle this. The first appointment with my therapist was the most helpful. During that session he told me to treat the program as a two-year-old. When you are first starting out there will be numerous times you need to correct the chid. The longer you use the program and teach it your voice and make the necessary corrections it will grow up. Every time there is a mistake you need to ask yourself is the mistake the child’s or was it yours? I will be honest as much as I wanted to be able to type this whole post with just voice commands I could not. I feel better about using this program moving forward though. I think using this program will not only help my productivity on a daily basis, but will prepare me in becoming a more patient pareant when the time comes. Also, as you have to formulate what you are going to say before you speak hopefully this will help keep me out of the doghouse as a husband in the meantime. 🙂 I’m happpy with this program and look for word to being able to type a blog whatever and not have my hands be balled the rest of the day.