Monthly Archives: July 2011


>Recently I’ve had a couple of doctor appointments. One with my neurologist and the other being my eye doctor. I am on a schedule of a check up appointment with my neurologist every six months . The examination includes checking my upper body strength, vision, dexterity, and blood pressure. The checkup also includes my viewpoint on how things are going. My tests proved to be about the same as last time and I think that’s right in line with how I feel things are. My eye appointment went well also. This doctor has seen me for years, I could walk when I first started seeing him. The usual tests were done, reading the lines of letters, testing for glaucoma, and the best eye dilation and the tests that goes along with that. My vision was the same as last year. Finally, I am not fighting an uphill battle. Granted every day is tough, but my symptoms aren’t continually getting worse. I guess I have to admit my MS medication is working. I take a shot three times a week and usually the day after I don’t feel the greatest, but that’s a small price to pay to stay the same over a longer period of time. It sucks that I have MS, but I am so happy it is diagnosed and accept it. Now I am in a place of staying par for the course longer.


>When I thought about writing this post earlier I didn’t think I’d feel this way now. All of the stuff I’ve had to deal with over the last few years and this is scaring me most. Emily and I have decided we are ready to try and have a child. We just both really feelContinue Reading