Monthly Archives: January 2012

Broken silence

>I’ve been rather quiet on here for the past number of months. I have been focused on the publishing of my first book and everything involved with that. I have had this thought many times before, but really felt like putting it down on here. I am so happy with my lot in life! Although I’m in a wheelchair and at home alone with my thoughts I still have an outlet to release those thoughts. I may be disabled and have many challenges, but I refuse to be kept down and and kept from showing people disabled or not they can do it. Whatever IT is. I can’t type so well with my hands, so I use my voice. I wrote a book.. Don’t get me wrong, things are tough and I definitely have moments of despair and freak outs. With determination you can do whit ever you put your mind to do. There are my two cents on pushing the crap life has thrown your way and still moving forward.