Monthly Archives: April 2012


I have been truly moved during the past week plus. To hear about people wanting to get my book that don’t even know me is awesome. I wrote this book out of wanting people that are going through tough times or have gone through tough times to know that they are not alone. I had an old chum post this today on Facebook:

I couldn’t put the book down, read it cover to cover and the realized it was 3:30AM. I’ll be paying for it this afternoon when I crash, but it was well worth it. Great story and very eloquently written. Thank you again Randy Beal for sharing your story with us. Can’t wait for your next book

All I can say to that is WOW! I loved hearing that and it truly made formatting and publishing issues well worth it. Looking forward to working on book number two.

It’s my life

What a whirlwind it has been lately. I’ve been scrambling to get everything done before my book release. Saturday night with some family and friends I released my book. How exciting and nerve-racking that was. I know I’ve thought that before and even wrote about it here, how nervous I am to have others readContinue Reading