Monthly Archives: May 2012


I finally did it. I spoke in front of a group of around 50 yesterday. I was invited to speak to some students about my journey. I was concerned about doing this: would I have enough to say, would I have a choking fit in front of the group, would what I had to say be relevant to them all? These were just some of my ponderings beforehand. I was really nervous the day before and yesterday I was pretty relaxed. When I was up front before speaking a feeling rushed up on me I haven’t fell in years. I felt nauseous like I could throw up. This really excited me. I’m back! I have spoken in front of groups many times over the years, but have been out of commission dealing with my health stuff and then my book stuff. I really never thought I would get back to this place. What a great feeling. Determination got me back here and will keep me going forward.