Monthly Archives: June 2012

A day to remember

This day in my life is an unforgettable day. Here’s why in no particular order. On June 17, 2002 my father succumbed to cancer after an 11 month battle. He was not only my father, but my best friend, confidant, and boss. My dad taught me so much, things that I will never forget. Miss you dad! On June 17, 2008 I was blessed with a beautiful niece. I am so thankful to have her in my life. She is so great! She shows me love as her uncle and is a reminder that my dad is always here with us. That same day June 17, 2008 my girlfriend (at that time) and I were on our way to Minnesota. I had my appointment at Mayo Clinic the next day. What I heard up there changed my life. So, June 17th will always be a day to remember for me.


The last few weeks my writing partner Bob and I have had some brainstorming sessions. Those have definitely got my creative juices flowing again. It really makes me feel alive, like I have purpose. I started writing today and I love the feeling. I don’t fully know where this book will end up as theContinue Reading

Moving forward

Yes, I had a really rough night recently. I wanted to put it out there and show the hard times. That night really sucked, but I’m moving forward from that with the positive. I got to see a really dark side again and realized that I can be a voice for those needing one. IContinue Reading

A voice

This weekend ended up being a rough one. I had a blowout in my pants on Saturday evening and then I got sick. I had quite a bit of awake time which gave me time to think. I thought about ending my life. I have not dealt with that thought in quite some time. IContinue Reading