Monthly Archives: August 2012

The journey continues…

That is not just part of my tag line. My wife and I have decided to try and have a kid. Of course, this is not just an easy task for us. We are working with an IVF doctor to see if we can. Emily has been tested and found to be fine. I am dealing with the testing now. I am hopeful that the journey does continue with Emily and I having a kid of our own and I don’t get bad news about my boys not working. Since I have been an open book about my life I’m going to share this too. I have many things that worry me about us having a kid, but there is no need to stress about that yet. As there is news to share I will post it.


I finished unDIAGNOSED with the journey The journey is continuing with the writing of another book. This subject in this one is Legacy. My writing partner and I really dug in last night. I don’t know how long this will take, but we have a more streamlined writing attack. I’m really excited about thisContinue Reading