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Putting the title to this post makes me think of the Shawn Kingston song Fire on the Dance Floor that says somebody call 911. Though it was not that drastic I still found myself in the ER last night. This was the second time this month. I had some bladder issues I had to go in for. I have made an appointment with my urologist a K. a pee doctor. 🙂 I will be talking with him about prostate issues. I have prided myself on being open about things I’m dealing with in life. So here’s another.


On a completely different note I want to give a shout out to Mrs. Rohde and her students. They have been reading unDIAGNOSED and have been checking out this blog. I hope you guys have enjoyed everything.!

True Love

Three years ago today I made an awesome decision. I married the best, most beautiful girl. Like many guys I wanted to just go to the courthouse and get married there. We ended up doing the opposite of that and got married in front of friends and family and then had an amazing reception. IContinue Reading


There have been many times over the years that I have been relaxed on things I know I needed to or not do to make sure I felt good and was up for the task of tackling the day. I could go on and on about everything this entails, but there no need for allContinue Reading