Monthly Archives: November 2012


I had a recent post about going to the ER a couple of times for bladder issues. I then have had a few appointments with my urologist. My appointment with him yesterday was a time to check things out down there with a camera. Making sure I didn’t have any real issues. The camera was a catheter like deal. I was able to see everything on a TV monitor. That was really cool to see. Everything looked good, thankfully there were no issues at all. The problem was the catheter. We are working to see what catheter I need to start using. I am so glad there was nothing major to deal with. Just simply changing the size and style of catheter. Phew!! I think I’m just used to things being complicated for me.


For the longest time after publishing unDIAGNOSED I have felt like there was a barrier hovering over the creative window in my brain. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep my brain wouldn’t let me. I have always struggled with turning my brain off and falling asleep, but this was different. I hadContinue Reading