Monthly Archives: February 2013

Almost human

For years I have been dealing with my health. Whether it was searching for an answer, accepting my diagnosis learning to live with my new challenges. This was where my head has been. I used to work a manufacturing job, which I would get a sense of accomplishment from. Fast forward to today I wrote a book and that gave me the same sense of accomplishment, but now what? I’ve been figuring things out and still am not 100%. I’ve been searching for a literary agent and in so doing I have really thought about things. Do I really want to go that route? I have a phone meeting with a publicist today and probably another this week. I’m really excited for that and am really liking this whole process. I’m feeling like I’m human again. We’ll see how things go with my meetings. Maybe I not only will be an author, but a publisher. There is a lot to think about. Do I really believe in my writing? We’ll see where I go with things.