Monthly Archives: December 2013


This is tough to talk about, but it has to be done. Sunday was Emily’s last orchestra concert for awhile and the one I look forward to the most, it’s a holiday event. This year was like all others except for the end. We were getting things together to leave the venue. It was snowy out and put a damper on our dinner plans, but that ended up not being the worst part of the night for us-more accurately ME. As I rolled out into the elements I turned too early and missed the ramp and was stuck in a grassy/snowy patch. This was the last little bit to send me into a white hot rage. There were some other simple things that were compounded in my brain. I flew off into a crazy, swearing fit and hurt those that matter most in my life. Once I got yelling I really don’t remember a lot after that, I basically blacked out. I didn’t just flip out in front of family and friends, but in front of a group of others. I’m sure they looked at me with horror and those with me in sadness. MS is not the only battle I have to fight, but this mental bout of CRAZY! I truly despise who I become and truly hate this battle most of all, but just as I fought my physical battle with vigor, I vow to fight the mental crazy with the same vigor. Most of all I want those close to me to be happy that I’m part of their inner circle.


I have been open about my journey this whole time, I won’t stop sharing now. On this limb now I have a kid coming and here are some of my thoughts. First and foremost I am super excited! It is a boy and that is really cool, my is smiling down for sure. I amContinue Reading