Monthly Archives: February 2014


Yesterday I released my second book, A Family Thing, at an Open House. It was at my in-laws community clubhouse. That was such an enjoyable experience. There were friends and family just coming in and hanging out at their leisure. When I released my first book, unDIAGNOSED, it was at a restaurant and a little more formal. There was a release of emotions and an experience I’m glad I did, but yesterday was much more relaxed for me and something I think I’ll do for future books. It never gets old when releasing my words to the world, there is still the same emotions: excitement and nervousness seem to be the main two. Excitement that wow I’m finally done and I get to let others read it and that is where the nervousness comes in, what will people say-will they like it, hate it, or what? That’s where I think yesterday’s experience was very enjoyable for me, even if people trash my work I at least got to hang out with my friends and family in a very laid-back environment. I had fun yesterday and hope everyone that came did too. Now my son can come into the world now that this book is officially done and not hanging over my head.