Monthly Archives: March 2014


Writing A Family Thing was a difficult process for me. Not only because it was fiction, but because I had to relive areas of my life that I wasn’t proud of. Although I’m not proud of these things they’re part of my life and helped form me into who I am today. That’s right I did get busted by my parents for pot, I smoked it for a little while and I’m thankful for me getting busted, I think the title of the chapter in unDIAGNOSED could’ve worked just fine here too-A Stupid Teenager. 🙂 Also, I was stealing from my dad’s business, that was a really tough part to write, I am so appelled at the person I was, my dad said the words that are in the book. He dealt with me in both instances in such a great manner. As I’m writing this I’m really feeling the emotions again and want to cry. I really hope that me sharing my experiences, both good and bad, with you really strikes a chord. I love writing from this vulnerable place, it is so therapeutic for me.


I’m finally taking a breath, this has been one of the craziest and most gratifying months of my life. I released my second book, A Family Thing, Sunday, February 9th. It was really nice, a relaxed open house, I got to spend a few hours with friends and family. In a few weeks Emily wouldContinue Reading