Monthly Archives: May 2014


I haven’t blogged in a little white, I have been working on a number of things. There are some business opportunities I’m taking care of-more than just books in my future. And there’s this other thing… a child. I am a self motivated person to begin with, but having a son has definitely pushed me to up my game.
I have thought about this a lot, but watching an Oprah’s Master Class the other day really hammered this home. Why I have challenged myself with writing in different styles. The Master Class was about Justin Timberlake and one thing he said was that he broke away from N’ Sync and is a solo artist and is an actor is because he likes challenging himself, it keeps him sharp. That’s why my first 2 books have been different-nonfiction and fiction. I will always write in the same style, but I have to challenge myself. As I physically get wore down by MS I will not let it take away my mind. So, I’m gonna keep pushing the door open in other business arenas and challenging my brain in my writing.