Monthly Archives: July 2014


I woke up yesterday with hours to go before the alarm went went off and felt horrible. I was thinking I might have to cancel my therapy sessions for the day, but I would see how I felt when I got up. I was feeling better, but definitely not 100%. I decided to go and just push through and go. It was time for my evaluations-my therapists checked me out and see where I was from last month. I’m down to having OT and Speech, in OT she tested my grip strength and measured my arm movements. She reported that just about every number got better and just a few things stayed the same. This made my day, I’m getting better! At Speech we talked about where things are and the number of sessions I’ve had with her have been very good, she has taught me some eating and drinking tips to help with that too. A couple of more sessions and she’ll discharge me. I wish my speech was as: clear to Emily as it has been to my therapist, oh well that’s marriage. 🙂


I’ve been in a wheelchair full time since 2006 and I’m here to say that most days I’m fine with it. Don’t get me wrong I’d rather be able to walk and do everything I used to, but being here has given me a real appreciation for life and a chance to be introspective andContinue Reading


I pride myself in being open and vulnerable and in that spirit here goes. I came into my son’s room this morning when he was ready to get up. I was so excited to be the first face he saw. He just brightens my day, I love getting to see his smiling face and talkingContinue Reading