Monthly Archives: August 2014


This seems to be a reoccurring thing in my life, every time there is something bad something good makes it all worthwhile. This came at the same moment for me. I have been back at therapy for nearly 3 months, when I started there was PT, Speech, and OT. With each one I had something I wanted to accomplish-with PT I wanted to jumpstart myself with working out again and learn anything I could to help me physically, mission accomplished. Speech, I wanted to work on minimizing my choking fits when I would eat or drink and learn some tips to help with my speech, mission accomplished. Finally with OT I wanted to work on getting my left arm stronger and my hands stronger and work on better sensation, mission accomplished. There were other things I learned along the way too. I’m so happy I went back to therapy. Not only did I get better, but I got out of the house and around people again. This was the sweet part, but being released was bitter for me also. I enjoyed getting out of the house and around people again. As with every situation I’m dealt I choose to look at the positives-I was able to get better, jumpstarted, and be around others. Now that I’m home more, I really get to dig my feet in and write. I’ll take those things as my rainbows.