Monthly Archives: October 2014

Ok, Ok

So, I let myself have some self pity and I’m over that now. I’m going to keep pushing forward and figure things out as I go. What good is it for me to have a party that no one wants to go to and I don’t even like being at. I figure if I can be bed ridden eight years ago and fight back why can’t I keep fighting now. I like a good challenge and this is definitely a tough one, the one I’m going to fight and overcome.

Brave face

I always like to put on a brave face, but today I’m not going to. MS is a disease that has stripped me of so much and seems to be taking more from me still. If I didn’t have some amazing people around me this would be even harder to deal with. Yesterday afternoon IContinue Reading


I have been thinking about this for some time now and you would think I would have this post all formulated and written out very eloquently say things, but that’s not my style. Dealing with MS has been a sucky battle, losing the ability to walk, my vision beine poor, my hand control being bad,Continue Reading