Monthly Archives: November 2014


I know I’m a guy with many challenges in life, my disease keeps slowly progressing. One thing I cannot stop nor will I is dreaming. I have many drains and they keep me going. Not only writing, but creating a PR firm, recording studio, production company, these are just a few of my dreams. MS has taught me patience, back in the day I had a dream and thought I was a failure if it didn’t come to fruition right away-quite the opposite is true. Dreams need time to ferment, you’ll need time to handle it. Drains get me up in the morning and keep me going throughout the day. If a handi like me keeps dreaming and is actively working towards those things, why can’t you? Say to yourself everyday, why can’t I! Keep dreaming people


This past weekend was a busy one for the Beal’s: we went to a dinner party on Friday and Saturday a game night. First was Friday night at my sisters in-laws house. We have a ramp we travel with that allows me to use my power chair, that’s such a freeing thing. After getting inContinue Reading