Monthly Archives: May 2015

Dream On

I told you I was feeling better today, so now you get 2 posts in one day. I just put the final touches on my dream board. I had these dreams with me for a while now and I felt they should be prominent, so they are now my wallpaper on my computer. I just want to push you to not only dream, but keep your dreams in your face always. Allow yourself to dream big, enjoy it after all they’re YOUR dreams!


In all fairness when I’m feeling decent I went say so, and today I’m feeling decent. I wish there was some reason as to making myself feel this way, but there isn’t-it’s definitely a crapshoot. I just take the good with the , it’s a bittersweet thing. I’m taking advantage of feeling this way todayContinue Reading


My next book which is about reinvention is nearing completion. Bob and I probably have one more week of editing to do and I have just a few things to do after that for the book and everything involved with it to be completed soon after and be ready to get rolled out for theContinue Reading

How I feel

Normally my posis are upbeat and positive, today I feel a little different. At least I have a place to vent whea things feel crummy. MS is kicking my butt today, physically things are really tough-I’d give you more detail, let’s just leave it at things are tough. I don’t want to dwell on negativeContinue Reading


This past weekend the Beal’s were in Ohio for a family wedding. This was Emily’s side and there were some I had yet to meet, a few cousins and the bride to be. I really enjoyed getting to meet everyone and of course I was an idiot with one of them. I had met someContinue Reading


Tonight my writing partner Bob and I will be working on my book and should finish writing it. Then there will be editing and formatting to do before I’m ready to take it to print. I’ve got website additions to have my guy make. I am releasing the book late in July to not rushContinue Reading