Monthly Archives: September 2015


I have had a tough battle, MS ain’t no joke. My life with MS has been tough, a life filled with workarounds to be able to live. As I said in my first book, unDJAGNOSED, I’d rather be growing from the wheelchair than stagnant as a person walking through life. I know the challenges and would love to not be going through them still. My love for my son Sullivan is so great that if this is something I have to endure and do my part so that he never has to deal with this, so be it. As I stated in my latest book, Directions, maybe we won’t find a cure in my lifetime, but maybe in my sons. While I’m writing this I just want to cry, I love you so much Sullivan! I want to be a great dad to you and example on overcoming any obstacle that will come your way (just not MS).


Last night was a work night for Bob and I and it got me thinking. When I wrote my first book, unDIAGNOSED, I was writing from a place of not knowing where I stood in life and I kept saying the word disabled and now I refer to myself as Handi Randy and in myContinue Reading

AFT Continued

For the past few weeks Bob and I have been preparing to start writing the next installment of the AFT Trilogy. We started doing so last night. It felt so good to write from a different viewpoint, though the main character is loosely based on me. It was so great to start writing my fourthContinue Reading