Monthly Archives: November 2015

Just cry

I’m at a place that I’ve accepted I have MS, woo hoo, that is just part of the battle. Accepting that is great, but things are still hard. Today, I was brushing my teeth and it was hard and I just wanted to cry. As usual with me I didn’t let the pity party last long. I always tell myself that I’ll get you nowhere. So, I started speaking some comforting words to myself. I didn’t need to be motivated or anything, I just needed to hold myself and just be. I expect so much from myself in spite of my illness, just every now and then I have to take a moment and cry. After taking the minute I soon was back at my desk writing and doing stuff again, this is therapeutic for me. I have been thinking about why I’m so hard on myself for the next book and realized it’s just who I am. As I do with so many other things, I just learn how to deal with it and move on.

So much

I have so much going on right now and I love it. My mom recently said to me, a busy man is a happy man, and I agree with that. Here’s what’s going on: I recently added a new page to Facebook and twitter account (HandsThat) and I’m working on areas to grow that, I’mContinue Reading


Last night we went to Merichka’s for my wife’s birthday dinner. I can’t believe she’s 36, we’re the same age for about a month. I didn’t think I was really weak, but quickly realized I was. I got only 3 bites into my sandwich and I had a choking fit and was done eating atContinue Reading