Monthly Archives: February 2016


Sometimes we just go through the motions of our everyday activities because that’s what we need to do and then there are times we get really motivated to do more. I was doing some research for another book idea I have and I became frustrated with what I was seeing and it just lit a fire in me to be more productive. I have a lot going on right now and I’ve just been getting by with the bare minimum. I hate being like that, but it is what it is. I really hope the fire burns within me for quite awhile. Not only in my writing, my other business ventures, and the future Beal house. Which we are making progress towards the initial dig.

For me

Sitting back and looking at all my struggles and triumphs over them and all I can do is smile. With more struggles today, like writing this blog without my glasses as I dropped them and can’t pick them up I was able to assess things. My wife and son are at the forefront and IContinue Reading

Since I’m here

I like to say since I’m here I might as well dance. MS has definitely given me some challenges and I just roll with the punches and figure things out on the way to combat them. I keep dreaming and pursue those dreams, MS will never take that from me. One challenge has been eating,Continue Reading

Help someone

I have this site to be a place for me and others to share. Far be it for me to be self-centered and just let it be a place for me to blog about what’s going on, promote my books, and just overall learn about Randy. I have always prided myself on not being soContinue Reading