Monthly Archives: March 2016

So blessed

I am sitting here working on some things and feeling so great. I am in a great position, we’re building a house, I’m working on business stuff, I have an amazing wife and a cutie son. I’m just sitting here smiling from ear to ear, I just love counting my blessings. I ask you to look at the blessings in your life, it’s good to look at them from time to time.

A little taste

I’ve been writing another book and thought I’d share a little excerpt from chapter 1 with you, as I go along I plan to share little excerpts with you. Enjoy this one! At the conclusion of my first book unDIAGNOSED, I invited you to come dance with me. While I can’t literally dance (or atContinue Reading

Ok, ok

I was working on the chapter layout for us to work on tonight and I found myself with some tears rolling down my cheeks. I determined I must be a bit of a crier as I’ve had numerous blog posts where I cried. This time I was writing about losing the ability to eat andContinue Reading