Monthly Archives: April 2016

A new normal

I’ve been back from the hospital for about a week and a half and I’m so happy to be home. What brought me to the hospital was pneumonia and a UTI. I could barely talk or hear for the 1st couple of days. I just didn’t know what to do or how to fight this and in my darkest hour I heard my sons voice saying, Daddy Daddy wake up. It wasn’t his real voice, but a figment in my mind. This definitely spurred me on and I had to find a way out and keep fighting. In just a couple of days I recovered and was feeling kind of normal again. While I was in the hospital I had a swallow test and was found to need a change the liquid I would drink now had to be thickened and my food had to be softer. This really stinks, but it’s what I have to do now. Once again I have to make changes in my life, but it is what it is.

Some more unDIAGNOSED2

Here is part of chapter two from unDIAGNOSED2: It is no secret that I love to talk, even though I’m not sure if I always have something of importance to say. If you ask my wife I never do. That said, I still like to talk, though my speech is often a little labored, especiallyContinue Reading