>5 Months

>Tomorrow I have an appointment with my neurologist. I just see her twice a year as follow-ups now. Actually its been that way for a couple of years. In preparation I’ve been analyzing where I am physically compared to where I was last time I saw her. Part of me thinks I’m about the same, perhaps a little worse. Maybr I think a little worse because I’m so hard on myself. I did look back and realized I’ve been on an MS medication for 5 months now. I do feel since starting the medication I’ve allowed myself a chance to get better. The medications’ goal is to slow the progression of the disease. Perhaps I can even get a little better over time. I’ll see what my doc sees tomorrow.

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  1. Tracy says:

    >What medication, if any, were you on before Rebif?

  2. Randy Beal says:

    >Tracy, Rebif is the first medication I've been on. Years of thinking I had something other than MS I didn't take anything. Do u have MS?

  3. Tracy says:

    >yes, I have had it officially for 11 years now. When I got pregnant with Haddon, I stopped taking the meds. I was on copaxone. Then, I went almost 7 years in complete remission. I have recently had a relapse and am debating which treatment to take. I was on Avonex first, for a year, and then on Copaxone for almost 3.

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