A little taste

I’ve been writing another book and thought I’d share a little excerpt from chapter 1 with you, as I go along I plan to share little excerpts with you. Enjoy this one!

At the conclusion of my first book unDIAGNOSED, I invited you to come dance with me. While I can’t literally dance (or at least you wouldn’t want to see that mess), I do feel like I’ve kept up my end of the bargain and kept dancing. How about you?
I was never a good dancer back in the days when I physically still could. Back in 8th grade, some kids in my school were doing the Centipede, a dance where you would lay flat on your belly and rock back and forth to simulate the movement of a centipede or worm. My answer to this dance? I’d lay down on the gym floor motionless. I told everyone I was doing the “Beached Whale.”

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