>A new freedom

>In the past week and a half I have found a new freedom. Getting our WC accessible van has afforded us that. Our nickname for the van is the Bizzle Bus. I have gotten out of the house a few times since. Normally it takes some planning and preparation for getting out. To me it had to be back breaking for Emily. Helping me to get into her Saturn, packing up the wheelchair. Getting to our destination and doing the same in reverse. Not to mention if I physically didn’ feel good it was even harder on Emily. To make it even better I have a power chair too. We had purchased that for the wedding weekend and now are really getting our moneys worth. To go out now I just get into the power chair, wheel up the ramp and get locked in place, then away we go. I’m so happy about the Bizzle Bus and power chair for many reasons like thefreedm they allow me. Most of all the stress it takes off my amazing wife. Now perhaps I’ll see you out and about.

3 Responses to >A new freedom

  1. Bob says:

    >Bizzle me, bro!

  2. Larry Watson says:

    >Good to hear Beal,let me know what weekend your up for it and we can go out for dinner.

  3. Emily Beal says:

    >I am amazing, aren't I?

    You are amazing, too.


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