I’ve been in a wheelchair full time since 2006 and I’m here to say that most days I’m fine with it. Don’t get me wrong I’d rather be able to walk and do everything I used to, but being here has given me a real appreciation for life and a chance to be introspective and become a better person-at least I hope so. Some people haven’t come to grips with being in a wheelchair or don’t laugh at themselves quite like I do. The term handicap hasn’t widely been accepted by the disabled community as a whole, but I’m here to remove the stigma off of that and you can feel free to say I’m handicapped, in fact you can go to my site, or you can still go to it


I pride myself in being open and vulnerable and in that spirit here goes. I came into my son’s room this morning when he was ready to get up. I was so excited to be the first face he saw. He just brightens my day, I love getting to see his smiling face and talkingContinue Reading

I’m back

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m back at therapy. I had been debating this for a while-would it mean defeat or that I’m going backwards in life. I had gotten a prescription for PT and OT from one of my doctors, but the biggest kick in my butt came from my neurologist. IContinue Reading


I haven’t blogged in a little white, I have been working on a number of things. There are some business opportunities I’m taking care of-more than just books in my future. And there’s this other thing… a child. I am a self motivated person to begin with, but having a son has definitely pushed meContinue Reading


Writing A Family Thing was a difficult process for me. Not only because it was fiction, but because I had to relive areas of my life that I wasn’t proud of. Although I’m not proud of these things they’re part of my life and helped form me into who I am today. That’s right IContinue Reading


I’m finally taking a breath, this has been one of the craziest and most gratifying months of my life. I released my second book, A Family Thing, Sunday, February 9th. It was really nice, a relaxed open house, I got to spend a few hours with friends and family. In a few weeks Emily wouldContinue Reading


Yesterday I released my second book, A Family Thing, at an Open House. It was at my in-laws community clubhouse. That was such an enjoyable experience. There were friends and family just coming in and hanging out at their leisure. When I released my first book, unDIAGNOSED, it was at a restaurant and a littleContinue Reading


This is tough to talk about, but it has to be done. Sunday was Emily’s last orchestra concert for awhile and the one I look forward to the most, it’s a holiday event. This year was like all others except for the end. We were getting things together to leave the venue. It was snowyContinue Reading


I have been open about my journey this whole time, I won’t stop sharing now. On this limb now I have a kid coming and here are some of my thoughts. First and foremost I am super excited! It is a boy and that is really cool, my is smiling down for sure. I amContinue Reading

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What influences your purchase of a book? Author Title Cover Book description free polls Continue Reading